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Different UAE Visas Explained

Like all countries worldwide, UAE issues many kinds of visas subject to your visit’s purpose. Knowing visa options in UAE would be very helpful for those keen on doing company formation in Dubai.

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ITQAN | How to Set Up a Business in Dubai

To obtain a trade license, the process is quite simple. Refer to the following steps for a detailed overview. Choose your local sponsor Obtain an activity approval and a name from DED Search for commercial premises and obtain a rental agreement Make a MOA with the sponsor Submit the MOA to DED Submit the MOA and the license request to the DOD Once all these steps are complete, the authorities will issue a trade license instantly. Once you have the license at your disposal, you can start executing your other business plans. Speak to our consultants and they will be very happy to explain the whole process to you. If you would like to setup a business in Dubai and you want to enjoy a hassle-free process then go ahead and get in touch with our business consultants team members and they will guide you through everything. They will also introduce you to our 3 step company formation program!

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How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai

This Industrial license is given to firms or persons with a business that converts natural or raw resources into new goods or slightly processed products. And these new or slightly processed products must have further use for other trades doing other business operations.

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