Company Formation in Dubai

Are you thinking of forming an onshore or offshore company in Dubai ITQAN helps in your pursuit of finding the best formation type and package that matches your budget. After all, it is a reputable firm that understands every need of the client.

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How to Choose the Right Investment in Dubai

investment in dubai ITQANS make it possible for their clients to start a business in Dubai in three simple steps within less than a month, with ITQANS, your company becomes a reality after going through seven days of security check

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Best Free zone Business setup in Dubai

Looking for the Best Free zone Business setup in Dubai? ITQAN will help you decide which business setup is the better choice for you

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Set up your Company in Dubai with ITQANS

Set up your Company in Dubai - ITQAN is a business consultancy firm which helps entrepreneurs who want to invest in Dubai. Get in touch today!

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Dubai Free Zone Business Setup

As a business consultancy firm, ITQANS set up businesses in Dubai and do business and trading license processing for mainland and FREE ZONE areas. The firm follows a concept, “Set up your company in 3 steps,” which makes it easier for their clients to understand rules for applying for a license, as well as the payment of fees in setting up the business.

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Cost of Setting Up a Business in Dubai

Cost of setting up a Business in Dubai - One of the world's most ideal places to start up a business. Get an estimate of your business set up fees.

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How to Obtain a Trade License in Dubai Instantly

How to obtain a trade license in Dubai - ITQAN will help you get all your necessary requirements for your investment. Get our 3 step setup program today!

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Different UAE Visas Explained

Like all countries worldwide, UAE issues many kinds of visas subject to your visit’s purpose. Knowing visa options in UAE would be very helpful for those keen on doing company formation in Dubai.

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How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai

This Industrial license is given to firms or persons with a business that converts natural or raw resources into new goods or slightly processed products. And these new or slightly processed products must have further use for other trades doing other business operations.

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Start Your Business in Dubai

If you think that 2021 may still not be the best time to start your business in Dubai, then investing now may be a better idea. It cannot be denied that the global home market experienced dips and surges in recent years. Still, it stays among the investors’ top choices. And this is because, despite critical times, it continues to earn money. With the pandemic supporting the necessity to adjust investment portfolios, several UAE residents began considering real estate within uncertain times.

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How to get a Professional License in Dubai

A professional license is a requirement for anyone who wants to offer professional services in the UAE. This license establishes that the skilled individual is fully legal and authorized to provide such services in any kind of profession. Individuals who want to work as freelancers must first obtain a professional license if they plan to legally offer their services to clients in the UAE

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