Company Setup In Dubai

Company Setup In Dubai

Dubai is recognized around the world for the excellent business environment it offers, The rules and regulations governing the conduct of business from Dubai are among the most liberal and attractive in the region. International companies seeking to establish a commercial presence in Dubai have many alternatives. In addition to trading, many companies prefer to open an office in Dubai to get in touch with their customers and expand their field of activity. Having a permanent office in Dubai offers many benefits in the Middle East.

There Is Simply too much to Consider When It Comes to Starting Your Business in Dubai or UAE.

To make sure you succeed, you need someone you can rely on. Someone who knows the lay of the land and how to successfully kick start your business aspirations.

To operate a company in Dubai, one has to obtain a relevant license.

There are several categories of licensees available which can be broadly classified under the following categories:

• Commercial licenses for trading activity.

• Professional licenses covering services, professions, craftsmen and artisans.

• Industrial licenses for manufacturing activity or establishing industrial.

Having a Free zone business in Dubai:

UAE always a successful and fruitful option for Investors, It gives you 100% ownership along with a number of advantages like no taxation, no corporate tax, repatriation advantage, and low leasing prices, etc.

The cost of starting a business in Dubai Free Zone depends upon which Free Zone you are opting to set up your company. The cost mainly depends upon on the business activity, the specific Free Zone and your visa & office requirements.

You can also enjoy five commercial activities of the same group in one license without spending a lot and the renewal fee is also very reasonable.

The free zone that’s precise for you will depend basically on your industry. Many of Dubai’s free zones are tailored towards specific zones. Dubai Media City caters for media-related businesses, for instance, while Dubai Science Park caters for those involved in the sciences.

You do not have to choose an industry-related free zone. On the other hand, many other Dubai free zones, such as the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and Dubai World Trade Centre cater to most DED listed activities.

Working with a company creation expert is the best mode to start which free zone best suits the desires of your business. We’ll work with you to understand the funding and services that you want before making our recommendation.

Get a free consultation with our Itqan experts to know how you can start your company in Dubai or all over UAE!

Use our simple 3 step company formation process at Itqan to choose your company name and start trading today

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