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Level 3, The Offices 3, One Central Buildings, P.O.Box 9573 Dubai – UAE. Near - World Trade Center. M: +971-50-704 0355 |



Our work ethic is indisputable and with a team committed to working with high quality, we will drive ourselves relentlessly to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations, and provide you with the

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it easy


our story

We have a design tenet for our success and our customers' success. And to know their needs and requirements and facilitate their work easily.


Our mission is to provide the right solutions to help investors succeed 24/7.

do not worry

Our vision is to enable companies to establish their business easily and easily in Dubai and help them succeed to achieve their goals. We are on your side when you establish your company until it is launched.


Our Employee

Mohammed Hamza

Mohammed Hamza

International Business Advisor


Dania Said

Dania Said

Executive Manager




IBA ITQAN is a Business Consultancy with a focus on communication and providing creative Business solutions to our partners. We are established in the emirate of Dubai in the UAE. Our team of Consultanties and Admins, and business associates will work with you to seek an insight into your business and adapt our solutions to your requirements. At ITQAN our work ethic lends us the advantage of being nimble on our feet; our team will be near you at all times to anticipate your needs, and offer solutions to steer and promote your Business visibility.

Why Dubai

  • 100% Own of your business
  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% Transfer of capital & Profit
  • No citizen partner is required
  • No Capital deposit is required
  • Mobility between the GCC
  • Open bank accounts
  • Freehold Real Estate
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Start Business
in Dubai

Built for business growth, Introducing your business to Dubai means joining one of the world's most vibrant business communities - a landscape which includes over half the world's global multi-nationals all choosing the city as their regional headquarters. Added to the mix are home-grown blue chips now operating internationally from global headquarters in Dubai and a flurry of innovative start-ups encouraged by the emirate's highly proactive and pro-entrepreneur support policies.
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